Vine helps to restore the principle of balanced leadership through the correct use of power and will. Those in need of Vine tend to be overbearing, dominating, confident that they are correct, and need to take control in every situation. They can find it very hard to hear another’s point of view and intimidate others weaker than themselves, often without realizing what they are doing. Extreme examples of this personality type are the ruthless tyrant or bully. Vine helps to open the heart and remind the personality that positive leadership results from a partnership between the heart and the mind.

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Botanical Name : Vitis vinifera
Indication : Assertive and inflexible, often very capable and ambitious
Outcome : Determination without domination. See the good in others/encourage.
Emotional : Over-care for the welfare of others
Type of Remedy : 7 Helpers
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles : Driver
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Third Eye / Sacral
Root Emotion : Fear/Anger
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Inspire
Dr Bach Groups : Over Care for Welfare of Others
Want to Achieve : Live and let live
I’m Feeling : Sometimes I am a tyrant when I want to lead
My Current Circumstances : Domineering; The way they think is right
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Beech
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Chicory

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