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Some general premises make it easier to understand the Flower Essences. One is the idea that all forms of matter are made of energy. That energy is constantly changing and interacting with the energy of other forms of matter.
A second premise is that all forms of matter are individual expressions of one unlimited energy source (called by some God, by others Life Force, Universal Soul, or All That Is).
Another way of saying the above is that every living thing has a soul, which is its expression of the Universal Soul, from which it receives a sense of its purpose in being. This purpose involves expressing its individuality while in relationship with other souls We are at once unique and connected to all other beings.
In this context, we can view the 38 flowers which make up the Bach Flower Essence repertoire as both expressing their soul purposes (which are known only to them) and sharing their essences with us.

Edward Bach, a medical doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopath, discovered the essences in the late 1920s and early 1930s. His intention was to develop a method of healing that would treat the emotional and spiritual imbalances which lead to physical disease. He discovered the essence for this method of treatment in specific individual personalities.

His method of relating particular flowers to a mental or emotional condition was intuitive.

There are two methods. Twenty of the Essences are prepared by the potentization method Flowers are picked at the peak of their blossoming and put in glass containers holding distilled water for about three hours. The flowers are then discarded, and the water is preserved in brandy. The preparation is the "mother tincture" from which the Flower Essences are prepared.

In the boiling method (used primarily for those Essences which come from trees), twigs bearing flowers or catkins are boiled for an hour; after the twigs are discarded, the water is left to cool, and the water is preserved in brandy.

What gives the flower essence its effect is the flowers' subtle energy. This energy works on the individual's emotional/spiritual level. Dr. Bach developed the two methods described in Answer 2 to draw out that subtle energy of the flower.

One could think of this vibrational essence as being electrical in nature. The water's molecular structure is charged and imprinted with the electrical pattern of the flowers' vibrational essence.
(The auras-- subtle energy pattern- certain Bach Flower Essences have been captured by Kirlian photography. These pictures are reproduced in MechthildScheffer's Mastering the Bach Flower Essences.)

The theory behind the Bach Flower Essences is that each of the flowers embodies a particular soul or energy frequency. When individuals relate to the specific energy blockage, they are out of touch with that aspect of their fundamental nature.

In Dr. Bach's own words:
The action of these Essences is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the soul self, flood our nature with the particular virtue we need, and remove the block to wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm.

Yes, in that there is sometimes a relationship. For example, a mentally rigid and unbending person may develop an arthritic condition, but the practitioner would evaluate the mental, not the physical condition.

Yes, because ultimately, a state of mental and emotional harmony will eventually express itself in the physical body's health.

You can take the flower essences for temporary situations. Say that you are ordinarily well-balanced, but the recent and sudden death of someone you loved has shocked you. You can take Star of Bethlehem until the symptoms have gone.

I feel that the most effective way to choose them is to make a list of the principal issues in your life right now, then decide which of these issues is the most important.

In general, no more than seven essences in a remedy.

Traditionally the Five Flower Rescue Remedy counts as one, and Bach recommends that you use it in your mixture if you feel that you need three or more of the essences it contains. Those five flowers are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem.

Timing depends on several factors: how long you've had the condition (are you still in shock from something which happened many years ago, or was it a recent occurrence?), the degree to which your life and self-image are structured around the imbalance (some people, for example, are so used to asking other people what they should do [Cerato] that the idea of making their own decisions could be terrifying) One's willingness to change is always the primary factor in speeding things up.

Nothing If you mistakenly take Oak and don't have the impulse in your being, the flower essence will have no effect because there's no blockage to dissolve. Because the Flower Essences are entirely harmless, you will feel no effect.

You may have chosen the wrong essence. You may not be taking it often enough for information on preparing and taking your mixture, or you may be strongly resistant to the change which the essence facilitates.

It is possible that feeling physically worse can be part of what we call a healing crisis in homeopathy. The idea is that in the process of releasing the energy blockage, it must pass through the being, causing emotional and sometimes physical symptoms. Sometimes, it means that a person is now very aware that they, for example, are prone to hide their feelings and notice every time they do that, whereas before, they were far less aware.

Taking Five Flower Rescue Remedy essence is one good way to ease through a healing crisis. Accepting that this condition is temporary is another. If life has become too difficult, I recommend, if you're taking the maximum number of seven essences, try reducing it down to 3 flower essences. You may be going through more changes than you're prepared to handle. When you have completed the process and are ready to move to the following remedy, be sure to reassess the essence you remove.

Keeping a journal is essential in assisting where you started with a remedy and how you feel with your new circumstances. It will help you track your progress. When the condition for which you took it is no longer present, you may also notice that, although for a few weeks you took it faithfully, you've started to forget.

Yes, in our online app, you can find in the google play or Apple – put in the link – you have opportunities to work on:
1. Chakras (if you think of these as energy centers),
2. Zodiac Sign,
3. Things you would like to achieve,
4. Focus on bring in positive effects into your life
These different aspects continue to enhance your and improve your overall life.

No, Sometimes the process of dissolving a blockage is gradual or in stages. You may clear it up to whatever degree it affects you and your ability to incorporate it into your life. Then as you settle in to this new way of living, later, you may be ready to make more profound changes.

Yes, I regularly recommend them, and because children and infants haven't had years and years for blockages to become entrenched, the Flower Essences work with great ease for them. Since they are alcohol-based, I recommend putting them into a carrier such as a grapeseed oil or jojoba oil and using them topically.

My cats urge you to Veterinarians are becoming increasingly open to recommending the Flower Essences as part of their diagnostic work.

Plants, by the way, like them, too. If you transplant a plant, consider giving it the Star of Bethlehem for the trauma.

Only you can decide. It's possible to dilute the Flower Essences (without loss of effect) to the point where you can't taste the alcohol in which they're preserved. If you feel this is a risk, you can rub Flower Essences on your wrists or another pulse point. You may also put the essence in a carrier such as grapeseed oil or Jojoba oil for topical application. If you have any concerns about taking the alcohol Flower Essences in any form, I recommend that you don't. Please email me, and I can order the same essences in a glycerin base.

There could be multiple areas to consider
• Flower Essences are a unique method of treatment. A consultation with a practitioner may be the most effective way for an individual to fully appreciate that the Flower Essences are chosen based on how an individual feels and their personality attributes.
• An individual may be in crisis and lack the ability to focus on reading any of the many excellent books available about the Flower Essences.
• Their problem may be the inability to decide, and once that's resolved, they may find it easy to choose future Flower Essences.
• They may find it difficult to be objective about their situation and need an impartial viewpoint.
For the above reasons, we've developed a consultation form that you may view online and send to us if you wish. For more information, see Questionnaire (Link -Take them to the questionnaire form ) and book your 30 min consultation here to my calendar

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