How To Take Remedies

Flower Essence Selection

The best way to get involved in choosing flower essences
1. Question – Take the test
Answering the questions will allow you not to overthink the Flower Essence selection process. Select the question(s) that you can most relate to your current state, don’t overthink the question. If it feels like something that you can relate to, please select it.
The questionnaire will help prioritize the flower essence that is the most important to you at this moment.

Question Retest
After the recommend Duration of Therapy (below), Using the same questions set will determine and formulate if a new formula is needed as you continue bringing yourself back into harmony.

2. Zodiac Sign –
Astrology is an excellent tool for exploring your predispositions to health and illness. The use of flower essences in associations in astrology gives you added insight into which flower essence may be helpful, depending on your astrological blueprint. The natal chart is a unique map, guiding you to understand your inherent nature and how to best support it on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Even if you do not know your entire natal chart, you can use it to give insight into your health and wellbeing.

3. Chakras –
Located along the central channel of the spine of the physical body, the seven chakras. Chakras are:

  • Subtle energy points.
  • Wheels or vortexes of energy.
  • Acting as energy exchange points.

We have several hundred chakra points spread throughout our subtle energy system. However, the most well-known ones are the seven and are connected ethereally from the spinal column to the head.

When they function correctly, these chakras act as gateways for vital life force energy. This energy flows from the subtle bodies to enter the physical body.
Each of the seven main chakras also represents a level of consciousness or developmental stage of life as seen from our physical existence. This energetic pathway is a living link between Heaven and Earth.

4. Root Emotion –
Select a single root emotion to identify the flower essences best suited for a holistic. Each remedy provided on the list addresses the root emotion. The design of these flower essences is to help support us in soothing and combating an immense number of emotional imbalances or struggles to restore calm, clarity, and vitality by balancing emotions and encouraging a more positive lifestyle during the more challenging moments in our lives.

5. Reinforce Positive Emotion –
Select a single emotion that you would like to reinforce in your lifeand a Flower Essencewill be recommend reinforcingthis positive character traits you want to achieve. Suppose you would like to focus on an emotional state where you can achieve peace and joy. Flower essences affect the body’s existing energetic frequencies and reinforce the positive emotion you want to achieve.

6. Dr. Bach Groups –
Dr. Bach created Seven Bach Flower groups to make it easier to separate the Bach Flower Remedies into feelings, such as fear, despair, loneliness, uncertainty, etc. When you ask yourself, how do I feel? Do I feel fear? What kind of fear? Do I feel despair? What kind of despair? Then the groups can aid us and determine which of the Flower Remedies will help us get our emotional balance restored.

7. I’mFeeling-
Select a flower essence to address a specific feeling. You can read through the list of commonly derived statements. Based on your selection, the Flower Essence is best suited to support your particular feelings.

8. My Current Mood –
Select a flower essence to address an emotional state. You can read through the list of common emotions you may be experiencing. Based on your selection, the Flower Essence is best suited to support your attitude.

9. Want to achieve
Have an emotion you want to achieve, the next step is to decide which mental and emotional issues are most important for your health and growth. Based on your choice, you then select the essence or essences which correspond with these issues.

How to Use Flower Essences

You can use Flower essences either orally or topically.

1. Single Flower Essence-
Flower Essence can add to a glass of water. They are typically taken orally from a dropper bottle; the standard application is four drops under the tongue four times daily*. Some people like to take them right from the bottle. A more cost-effective way to use the flower essences is to put the drops in a one-ounce dropper bottle filled with filtered water, from which you can take the recommended dose. Counterintuitively, diluting a flower essence in water will not dilute its potency.

2. Making a Combination Remedy –
In general, up to six different types of flowers in a combination.

When making a flower essence, you begin by adding two drops of each of the selected Flower Remedies to a 30 ml/1 oz mixing bottle.

As a preservative (optional), you can add 1-2 teaspoons, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin.

You then fill the bottle to the top with spring water. You take four drops (or two sprays) from this mixture four times a day until you feel better*.

*After starting the essences, and you wake up feeling unwell or out of sorts, you can add 1-2 drops of a remedy to a glass of water and take small sips throughout the day until you feel better.

1. Topical application –
Application of flower essences topically is lovely for people who avoid alcohol (used as a stabilizing agent in many flower essences), including children. The flower essences can be applied directly to the skin, either on the pulse points or specific acupressure points. A convenient way of topical application is to add the flower essences to a mister bottle filled with spring water. You can then spritz yourself and your environment several times a day.

2. Rescue Remedy –
Rescue Remedy can be taken as often as needed, either by adding four drops directly in your mouth under the tongue or adding 2-4 drops in a glass of water and sip it over several hours.

Duration of Therapy

A 30 ml/1 oz dosage bottle is generally used at the rate of four drops, four times daily, and lasts about one month. The therapy is a typical cycle for emotional change, and its recommend that you use the flower essence for at least this period of time to experience its full impact. The remedies often have a subtle beginning, which gradually becomes more apparent. A general suggestion is one month; some people use flower essences for longer or shorter periods than this, with good results. Discontinue a flower essence or combination when you feel you have thoroughly absorbed or consciously recognize the benefits intended from it.


Using the questionnaire will determine and formulate if a new formula is needed to continue to bring yourself back into harmony.

Here are some other ways you can use flower essences:

1. Apply to acupuncture points or chakras.
2. Put several drops in your bath.
3. Use as a spray or mist. (This is great for young children and even around your house.)
4. Dab them on minor cuts and scrapes
5. Put a few drops in beauty products, shampoos, massage oils, and lotions.
6. Rub them on your hands when giving healing treatments such as Reiki or massage.
7. Add to other herbal tinctures to augment the benefits.
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