Buddy is a 100-pound Labrador who is very aggressive with others.  He is also very protective of his immediate family.    When people came to visit or we had workers,   we had to crate Buddy with an electronic collar for their protection. Martha, thank you! Buddy has been getting one drop of Rock Rose, Holly, and Inpatients twice a day on a milk bone since October 2021.   What a difference during the Holidays. We had people over, and we could leave him to mingle with them.

While there are amazing stories every day, a few weeks ago, a friend came over to help line the shelves in our kitchen.  She had always been terrified of Buddy.   She spent the day with my wife going up and down the stepladder.   Buddy was very affectionate all day.  Every time she walked away, Buddy came over to nuzzle her.  It was amazing.
The ingredients work, and his temperament has definitely changed!  If anyone has questions about our experiences with Bach Flowers Essences.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at 13109419908.

Thank you!

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