Centaury restores the qualities of inner strength & self-determination. Those in need of Centaury have a misplaced sense of service and believe that they put other’s needs before their own. They appear to lack the willpower to say ‘no’ and control others and are open to being taken advantage of by those with stronger personalities. Consequently, they often wear themselves out in service to others and do not develop their individuality or creativity, and may unfulfilled feeling in their life

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Botanical Name : Centaurium umbellatum
Indication : Weak-willed and easily led. Find it hard to say, no.
Outcome : Become in touch with what you want and follow your own path.
Emotional : Over-sensitive to influences and ideas
Type of Remedy : Healer
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles : Amiable
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Chakras : Throat
Root Emotion : Fear
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Assertiveness
Dr Bach Groups : Over-sensitive to Influences & Ideas
Want to Achieve : Stand your Ground
I’m Feeling : I can’t easily say ‘no’ to other people. I’m over-anxious to serve others
My Current Circumstances : Weak willed; difficult to say no; become willing slaves of a dominant personality
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Cerato
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Larch

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