Walnut promotes adaptability, emotional flexibility, and protection during times of change. We all face the challenge of change many times in our lives, and Walnut helps us be open, flexible, and adaptable. These might occur as we move through the various stages of life or lifestyle changes such as bereavement, divorce, new house, or job. In such situations, Walnut acts as a link breaker helping us to release the old and decisively embrace the new. It can provide a cloak of protection for those over sensitive to their environment or the influence of others.


Botanical Name : Juglans
Indication : Protection from change and outside influences
Outcome : Ability to move forward and remain steadfast to one’s path in life.
Emotional : Over-sensitive to influences and ideas
Type of Remedy : 2nd nineteen
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles :
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Sacral
Root Emotion : Fear
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Constancy
Dr Bach Groups : Over-sensitive to Influences & Ideas
Want to Achieve : Stand your Ground
I’m Feeling : Other people’s ideas knock me off course, I am unsettled at times of change
My Current Circumstances : Breaking old ties; Moving; Career Change; School Change; Divorce; Change of religion; Retirement; Recovery form a long illness; Disability; Menopause; Midlife Crisis; Birth; Death; Unsettled during life change
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