Heather is the remedy for those whose inner sense of isolation and loneliness manifests as a compulsive need to talk about themselves to anyone and everyone – even a stranger. When in an acute state, those in need of this remedy appear to have their thoughts entirely focused on themselves. They can cause unsuspecting listeners to feel as though they cannot escape the conversation. They make poor listeners and sadly can drive people away by the sheer strength of their neediness. Heather will help relieve this state so that they are more in touch with the need to give and receive.


Botanical Name : Calluna vulgaris
Indication : Self-preoccupied, self-concerned or talkative
Outcome : Good listener who is generous in helping others. Selfless.
Emotional : Loneliness
Type of Remedy : 7 Helpers
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles : Expressive
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Crown
Root Emotion : Sorrow
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Be Heard
Dr Bach Groups : Loneliness
Want to Achieve : Reach out to Other
I’m Feeling : My talkativeness leads to loneliness
My Current Circumstances : Overly Talkative;
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Chicory
2 Other Flower Recommendations :

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