Gorse encourages the positive potential to regain the willpower to fight on, regaining faith and hope. In times when you need to find the sunshine at the end of a dark period, don’t give up hope. Feel brighter despite current physical, emotional, or other worldly problems.


Botanical Name : Ulex europaeus
Indication : Hopelessness and despair, for people who have given up
Outcome : Sense of faith and hope, despite current physical or mental problems.
Emotional : Uncertainty; For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty
Type of Remedy : 7 Helpers
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles :
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Sacral
Root Emotion : Sorrow
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Hope
Dr Bach Groups : Uncertainty
Want to Achieve : Know your own mind
I’m Feeling : I give up when things go wrong
My Current Circumstances : Hopelessness; Have lost the heart to try
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Gentian
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Mustard

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