Larch helps to restore confidence in one’s abilities. Those in need of Larch have such an in-built unconscious certainty of failure that they never attempt new things in life and so never discover their true potential. They automatically feel inferior to others and will stand back, allowing those they feel better than themselves to take up life’s opportunities. Larch helps to remind those with these traits that deep down, they can restore their confidence to live life to the full.


Botanical Name : Laris decidua
Indication : Lack of self-confidence, people who don’t try
Outcome : Determined, capable, with a realistic sense of self-esteem.
Emotional : Despondency or despair
Type of Remedy : 2nd nineteen
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles : Analytical
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Root
Root Emotion : Fear
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Confidence
Dr Bach Groups : Despondency or Despair
Want to Achieve : Find Joy and Hope
I’m Feeling : I expect to fail and lack confidence in my skills
My Current Circumstances : Procrastination; Loss of confidence
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Hornbeam
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Rock Water

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