Red Chestnut


Red Chestnut helps those who are fearful for the safety of others. Those in need of Red Chestnut worry for the protection of others, particularly those close to them. When things do not happen as anticipated, they will immediately fear the worst, imagining that some harm has befallen their loved ones; ‘they must have had an accident. A mother who is afraid for her children when they are even a little late home is an excellent example of this kind of fear, which will immediately vanish when the family members return unharmed. Red Chestnut helps restore optimism and trust in the Divine Plan, recognizing that everyone has their path and is divinely looked after no matter what happens to them.


Botanical Name : Aesculus carnea
Indication : Fear or over concern for others and welfare of others
Outcome : Ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety.
Emotional : Fear; For Those Who Have Fear
Type of Remedy : 2nd nineteen
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles : Expressive
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Sacral
Root Emotion : Fear
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Peace of Mind
Dr Bach Groups : Fear
Want to Achieve : Face your fears
I’m Feeling : I feel anxious about somebody else’s safety
My Current Circumstances : Needing comfort in distress
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Chicory
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Mimulus

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