Wild Oat


Wild Oat promotes an inner clarity about the right path in one’s life work. Those in need of Wild Oat have not yet connected with the inner guidance that would clarify the direction of a chosen life path. They are often determined individuals with many talents and gifts. They lack a strong internal compass of using these talents and may flit from one thing to another. The lack of focus can lead to uncertainty, meaning they can endlessly searching in the outer world for the ‘right’ direction when the answer is within themselves. Wild Oat helps to strengthen their inner connection and promotes clarity of this chosen path.

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Botanical Name : Bromus ramosus
Indication : Uncertainty as to correct path in life. At a cross road in life
Outcome : Clear picture of what to do in life with positive ideas and ambitions.
Emotional : Uncertainty; For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty
Type of Remedy : 7 Helpers
Rescue Remedy :
Social Styles :
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Root
Root Emotion : Fear
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Direction
Dr Bach Groups : Uncertainty
Want to Achieve : Know your own mind
I’m Feeling : I want to do something worthwhile but I cant find your vocation
My Current Circumstances : Lack of Direction;
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Larch
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Scleranthus

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