Star of Bethlehem


Star of Bethlehem is helpful in situations when someone experiences shock or trauma, whether immediate or in the past. If this essence is given immediately in shock and trauma situations, it will help take away the numbing effect and assist recovery. Star of Bethlehem should not replace medical assistance but could enhance it. This remedy can be very beneficial for those who retain shock or trauma at some level from past situations and events. Situations such as grief, accident, sudden loss of job, divorce, bad news, etc., are all conditions that might call for the help of Star of Bethlehem.


Botanical Name : Ornithogalum umbetlatum
Indication : After effects of shock, mental or physical
Outcome : Neutralize the effects of the trauma, whether immediate or delayed.
Emotional : Despondency or despair
Type of Remedy : 2nd nineteen
Rescue Remedy : Yes
Social Styles :
Zodiac Sign :
Chakras : Crown
Root Emotion : Sadness
Reinforce Positive Emotion : Comfort
Dr Bach Groups : Despondency or Despair
Want to Achieve : Find Joy and Hope
I’m Feeling : I am suffering from the effect of shock, or from grief
My Current Circumstances : Grief; Sadness; Shock; Needing comfort in distress;
1 Other Flower Recommendations : Cherry Plum
2 Other Flower Recommendations : Honeysuckle

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